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Extending Objects [Typescript]


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Hi all,

How does one add custom features to Pixi.JS in typescript with it complaining?




DisplayObject.prototype.myFunction = (){ //do stuff};

const c = new Container();
c.myFunction() //Does stuff

TS complains about myFunction not existing on DisplayObject, but it DOES work, as if I litter my code with //@ts-ignore it complies fine.


Obviously having //@ts-ignore isn't really a solution, but if it works in JS it should work in TS, but I'm not sure how.



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/// <reference path="./global.d.ts">

then create global.d.ts nearby, with something like that:


Pixi exposes a number of interfaces in GlobalMixins for extending. Not all of them, but several that are usually used in plugins.

It wasnt possible to move pixijs and plugins to TS+imports without this hack.

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