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A programmer is looking for a 2D artist

Alex Lumper

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Hi everyone! I'm a programmer with over the nine years of experience in IT. I want to try myself in a gamedev.

At the moment I explore processes and "touch" game engines. I decided to start with a simple game. I've already written a vision doc (you can find a playable demo there). I also started writing a design document, which contains lore descriptions, perks, level features etc., but it's format is not ready for the public release yet. I don't expect much income from this project (it's f2p btw), so the main goal is to "feel" the pipeline and to lead the project to a public release.

I'd like to start with the technology I already know: javascript and friends. We don't usually see games in steam made with JS (but we actually can develop this) and I know that this sector is mostly for hyper-casual-social games for facebook-like sites. But I think the development process itself with JS is mostly the same as with gamedev-oriented tools (except that I don't have a nice all-in-one environment, like Unity and others have). So as the starting point a plan to finish my first game in JS, then I want to continue with Godot or Unity.

I'm looking for a 2D artist (characters, surroundings) with the similar motivation and at least some experience for collaboration. As a growing professional you can hone your skills on preparing art for a games in different formats.

The post is relevant while the vision doc is available by the url.

PM me here or send me an email at [email protected]. It would be cool if you attach some of your works.

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