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Multiple views of same scene.


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I'm trying to create a display object that can act as a view of a scene so that I can create multiple views of the same data. I know I can do something like this:

const scene = new PIXI.Container()

// Add some objects to the scene

const rt_0 = PIXI.createRenderTexture({ width: 100, height: 100 })
const rt_1 = PIXI.createRenderTexture({ width: 100, height: 100 })

const view_0 = PIXI.Sprite(rt_0)
const view_1 = PIXI.Sprite(rt_1)

app.stage.addChild(view0, view_1)

app.renderer.render(scene, view0)
app.renderer.render(scene, view1)


But I would rather create each view as a custom DisplayObject so that I can update the RenderTexture whenever the view's `_render()` method is called. I've tried implementing this but I'm having some difficulty understanding how to update the transform of the scene per view. The transforms that I apply to one view seem to persist when the next view is rendered, which I don't want. I have a playground example below. Any help would be appreciated!


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so far you can only apply different "transforms" , see this parameter for "render" function.

// I would have thought that the transform I apply here
        // would override any previous transforms
        this.scene.transform = this.camera.transform


Oh shit. Here you stumbled across "updateID"s. You cant just re-assign transform, because nothing will be done if its worldID is not greater than worldID of previous transform. Pleas look in "transform" fields, there's something like i describe there

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