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Problem with rendering card movement


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I have several simple multiplayer online games, and last two of them are card games. Several users complaint about very slow and annoying card movement, while others (including me) claims that all work just fine. Games are rendering with pixi.js, but for card movements I'm using GSAP 3.6.1 Tween. 

Luckily, one of players gave me access to her computer, and when we started the game and cards start moving, I could see WebGL warning messages:

- GL Driver Message (OpenGL, Performance, GL_CLOSE_PATH_NV, High): GPU stall due to ReadPixels.


- GL Driver Message (OpenGL, Performance, GL_CLOSE_PATH_NV, High): GPU stall due to mapping buffer in use my the GPU.


I have already asked guys from GSAP, they claim issue is with pixi. I have searched net about how to disable WebGL but there is no clear explanation (if that is a problem, of course).

Note that I have tried with pixi-legacy, but result is the same.

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