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Game engines/frameworks with hot reloading and easy Ad/IAP integration supporting HTML5/Android/iOS?


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I've been working with Unity, Godot and Rust for the past year and been enjoying most of it. But now as I'm looking towards making some mobile/web games I'm starting to consider other options. It seems some engines (like Defold) support hot reloading out of the box, which seems like an awesome feature, but unfortunately uses Lua.

Are there any options for engines/frameworks that make Ad/IAP integration on mobile easy, while also allowing very fast iteration time, ideally hot reloading? I don't mind it the engine itself is a bit lower level like Pixi.js or something, but I don't want to mess around with the platform specific stuff too much.

Does wrapping JS games in something like Apache Cordova work well enough on mobile, or are the framerates too low? I'm mainly interested in 2D games so I don't need super fancy APIs, but I do like to have nice fluid animations.


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