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  1. Hello all game devs out there it is so good to see you. I want to share a passion project that I started working on that is long over due from my side. I have been thinking and tinkering on this project for roughly 10 years but mostly in my mind. One is that I didn't believe the technology was there until now, and secondly I am a procrastinating black-belt master. So what is this idea I have that never comes to fruition? The website is called HTML2D, HTML2D will be a mixture of an HTML5 Arcade game site with the main core concept that the player keeps playing the same protagonist(s
  2. Use cubic bezier boundaries to control crowd movement and flow pattern. Visit https://www.otakhi.com/petridish?load=15916 to see how it works behind the scene.
  3. Steer Skinned Instanced Skeletal Animations to pre-determined locations. Now you can finally communicate with common household cockroaches. Visit https://www.otakhi.com/petridish?load=15856 to see how it is done.
  4. Real Time Interactive Mesh Sculpting with Dynamic Tessellation. Took us a month and a half in performance tuning.
  5. Mesh Sculpting Preview - the only webgl engine that offers direct interactive 3D Mesh sculpting capability.
  6. Melon Editor comes from our vision "everyone can make games". so even those with limited programming knowledge can create their own dream games. just prepare your game assets and do a simple drag and drop and voila you're done! Making Games has never been this easy! execute now : http://editor.melongaming.com/user/login/
  7. Since I am focusing on beginner-friendly features, so I've listed the following 2d game engines in order of ease of use, features and support. 1. GameSalad – The Educator’s Choice 2. BuildBox 3. Construct 2 4. YoYo Games 5. Phaser
  8. Hi, my team and I are going to create a new game that will run in the browser. I searched a few hours and found a ton of game engines for the web platform, and it takes a lot of time to compare them all. I can program in JS and understand the Web platform well. I want to use a game engine with at least the following functionalities, a 3D API with the basic stuff (camera, meshes, materials, animations) Dynamic Shadows, Lights scene management good fps (frames per seconds) Uses WebGl (or other standards) Can import 3D files from other programs (ex Blender)
  9. Hi guys, I read about egret engine(chinese engine) a week before and installed it.But i couldn't find any game dev community in english. If there is any community or somebody using it.Please Reply.
  10. Gio

    Wade 4.0

    Hi everyone A few weeks ago we released version 4 of our awesome html5 game engine. TLDR: Here's a 3-minute video overview It's a pretty unique thing that you can use as a plain JavaScript framework (with your own IDE and tools), or as a fully integrated authoring tool, or both at the same time. It does a lot of things, including: Drag and drop objects to construct your scenes Write game loops and event handlers for your objects with an integrated code editor Powerful Sprite and Animation editors Isometric and Tilemap terrain edito
  11. About MGN Studios: MGN Studios is the new game development division of Freedom! Family Limited. Our mission is to create great games and technologies that actively engage and involve the YouTube community of players, bloggers, reviewers and creators. We’re setting up shop right here in beautiful Vancouver! If you want to join a start-up where you get to work remotely and build something new, and be a part of an honest & transparent leadership team with a veteran Studio Head, then MGN Studios is for you! THE ROLE: Are you up for the challenge? We are currently seeking a
  12. Add ChatScript, a rule-based engine for natural language understanding and processing, to your game design and to automate game development in our completely script-able editor.
  13. Use scrolling texture map, OTAKHI.Lightning helper object, and particle system to create myriad of plasma beam effect.
  14. Physics-based modeling of explosion and pressure wave based on Friedlander Equation.
  15. Update: We are now on Steam Greenlight. Please upvote it and show some support. Good news everyone! The Game Pencil Engine is now Now Available! The Game Pencil Engine features Windows[available now] and Mac+Linux[Coming soon] Editors, 2D Canvas rendering and physics, Tiled and Animation support, strict-mode compliant Javascript scripting, and deploys natively to HTML5, console(s) and desktop. Game Pencil Engine Editor / \ You can now create 2D games with our dynamic editors wh
  16. I'm excited to announce the open-sourcing of PlayCanvasAR - a cool extension to PlayCanvas that enables browser-based AR games (and other apps), even on mobile: https://github.com/playcanvas/playcanvas-ar Here's a little video: We tweeted about it here: https://twitter.com/playcanvas/status/913212518956384256 Please help us spread the word with a retweet if you like what you see! And let us know what you think!
  17. Added softbody support courtesy of BulletPhysics/Ammo.js running on a worker thread. (1) Create softbodies from 3D Volume, Cloth, Rope, etc. (2) Use mouse to interact with any softbody. (3) Wind simulation. (4) Script custom softbody animations using callback. (5) Add force to all or selected vertices on the softbody. Our online editor, PetriDish, lets you play with all the demos shown in this video. https://www.otakhi.com/petridish
  18. This industrial robot arm is animated using a much improved IK solver that combines the speed of FABRIK and the accuracy of CCD. It uses fixed, twist-only, and hinge constraints to limit its six bones' range of movement.
  19. down votefavorite I have previous experience with Unity, but I don't like the fact that Unity compiles your game directly into APK (or IOS equivalent). It's because I want to modify the game to provide chat interface (and some other stuff) for multiplayer mode etc. So, I thot of doing it the other way - 'create an app and embed a multiplayer game within it'. Now, again this approach meant that I had to develop for android and ios seperately. But, then I came across React-Native library (mobile extension of popular React framework). Now,
  20. Our web application and game development environment was designed from ground up to fully utilize the next-generation multi-touch-capable user interfaces and devices.
  21. Hello fellow-devs, I've started to make a online editor for my own game engine and would like to have some feedback from people who know what is needed. I started by creating a online spritesheet generator and now I would love to get some feedback. This is also the opportunity for you to tell me about features you would find useful. http://concentric-scale.com/emerge/#/ecsbeta
  22. visual js API examples help - Take a look : -Add new game Object with single image: https://jsfiddle.net/zlatnaspirala/rjf0xe0a/ -Use For loop for creating objects https://jsfiddle.net/zlatnaspirala/noax17kz/ -Visual JS -Add Webcam to Object https://jsfiddle.net/zlatnaspirala/xsffd9v6/ -Add webcam with motion detect https://jsfiddle.net/zlatnaspirala/j60hh052/ -ZoomIn/ZoomOut game_object effect https://jsfiddle.net/zlatnaspirala/pjjow5q6/ -Translate object https://jsfiddle.net/zlatnaspirala/0tt6rmnq/ -Rotate object ( OSCILLATOR class ) https://jsfiddle.net/zlatnaspirala/1x7bq0g
  23. Hello. Can you explain me how to run multiplayer example project of isogenic game engine on c9.io? I have installed this engine and then I do this: node ./server/ige -g ./examples/24.1-network-stream and then it happens IGE *log* [IgeNetIoComponent] : Network component initiated with Net.IO version: 1.0.0 IGE *log* [IgeNetIoComponent] : Starting net.io listener on port 8080 IGE *log* [IgeNetIoComponent] : Starting client/server clock sync... IGE *log* [NetIo.Server] : Server is listening on port 8080 IGE *log* [IgeEngine:ige] : Starting engine... IGE *log* [IgeEngine:ige] : Engine
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