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Found 15 results

  1. GWE (alias Game Web Engine) is a tree-dimensions game engine based on web technologies (javascript, html, css). This engine is designed to be light, simple to use and non-opinion based. Pretty fun to use ! Some features likes: - Graphics manager - Screen manager of the different "screens" of the game - Texture resource manager - Sound resource manager - Event manager - Input manager keyboard/mouse - UI manager (over 16 basic widgets) - Script manager - Support for multiple 2D and 3D camera views - Navigation mesh (JSON Walkmesh Model alias JWM) - Static image (JSON Static Sprite alias JSS) - Animated image (JSON Animated Sprite alias JAS) - Static textured meshes (JSON Static Mesh alias JSM) - Animated textured meshes (JSON Animated Mesh alias JAM) - Geometric shapes of debug - And some other things... Some template project likes : - Visual novel starter-kit - 2D Isometric navigation starter-kit - 3D Pre-rendered navigation starter-kit - 2D top-down starter-kit - CCG starter-kit - RPG starter-kit - etc... Website : https://gamewebengine.com/ Github: https://github.com/ra1jin
  2. I've been working with Unity, Godot and Rust for the past year and been enjoying most of it. But now as I'm looking towards making some mobile/web games I'm starting to consider other options. It seems some engines (like Defold) support hot reloading out of the box, which seems like an awesome feature, but unfortunately uses Lua. Are there any options for engines/frameworks that make Ad/IAP integration on mobile easy, while also allowing very fast iteration time, ideally hot reloading? I don't mind it the engine itself is a bit lower level like Pixi.js or something, but I don't want to mess around with the platform specific stuff too much. Does wrapping JS games in something like Apache Cordova work well enough on mobile, or are the framerates too low? I'm mainly interested in 2D games so I don't need super fancy APIs, but I do like to have nice fluid animations.
  3. Melon Editor comes from our vision "everyone can make games". so even those with limited programming knowledge can create their own dream games. just prepare your game assets and do a simple drag and drop and voila you're done! Making Games has never been this easy! execute now : http://editor.melongaming.com/user/login/
  4. Hi, my team and I are going to create a new game that will run in the browser. I searched a few hours and found a ton of game engines for the web platform, and it takes a lot of time to compare them all. I can program in JS and understand the Web platform well. I want to use a game engine with at least the following functionalities, a 3D API with the basic stuff (camera, meshes, materials, animations) Dynamic Shadows, Lights scene management good fps (frames per seconds) Uses WebGl (or other standards) Can import 3D files from other programs (ex Blender) Scales well (Big big game project) Does Babylon.js satisfy my needs ? I think yes but I am not sure. If not, what should I use ?
  5. Hi guys, I read about egret engine(chinese engine) a week before and installed it.But i couldn't find any game dev community in english. If there is any community or somebody using it.Please Reply.
  6. About MGN Studios: MGN Studios is the new game development division of Freedom! Family Limited. Our mission is to create great games and technologies that actively engage and involve the YouTube community of players, bloggers, reviewers and creators. We’re setting up shop right here in beautiful Vancouver! If you want to join a start-up where you get to work remotely and build something new, and be a part of an honest & transparent leadership team with a veteran Studio Head, then MGN Studios is for you! THE ROLE: Are you up for the challenge? We are currently seeking a Senior Game Engine Developer to join our team in leading the architecture and development of browser-based video game engine technology. You will be the driving force in the design and development of our studio’s game engine infrastructure. You should be comfortable diving deep into technical architectures and requirements, able to quickly identify solutions to challenges discovered during development, and ready to direct and mentor other developers in creating a robust and scalable code base. Prior experience building browser-based multiplayer game technology is preferred. We are looking for someone to be a key participant in the creation of a collaborative environment that leverages agile development and rapid prototyping; rewards creative solutions and intelligent risk taking; fosters a culture of excellence, respect, and fun; and makes great games. RESPONSIBILITIES: Are you ready to make a contribution to our team? Lead the design, implementation, and growth of a browser-based HTML5 multiplayer game engine. Manage and mentor a team of software developers through the interactive development process. Set company-wide code development standards and best practices. Work with game designers and artists in the development of game features, art pipelines, and tools. Partner with producers, PMs, and other leads on schedules and plans. Identify technical and production issues/risks and propose solutions. QUALIFICATIONS: Do you have what it takes? Degree in Computer Science and/or relevant professional experience. 5+ years experience in professional software development. 3+ years of experience in the development of game engines. Very good knowledge of existing game engines (e.g. Unity, GameMaker, Phaser, Pixi, Turbulenz, etc.) and server side technologies. Deep knowledge of modular programming, API design, and game architectural patterns. Extensive experience with frontend and backend technologies such as HTML5, Javascript, CSS/CSS3, jQuery, PHP, Python, Node.js, MySQL, etc. Source revision control experience (Github preferred). Professional experience in agile software development. Experience working effectively in cross-functional game teams. Excellent oral and written English communication skills. Experience developing MMO city builder games is a PLUS Experience developing casual MMO .io games is a PLUS Experience with Apache Ant, iOS WebKit, Android Webkit / Chrome is a PLUS Knowledge of video platforms including YouTube, Dailymotion and Twitch is PLUS COMPENSATION: Competitive Salary Flexible work hours Flexible work locations (home, office, etc.) Are you intrigued? Here are a few more reasons to make MGN Studios your daytime/anytime home: Work remotely - Did we already mention you get to work remotely? Yes, it’s true! Leadership - Do you like working with veteran Studio Head who will give you clear direction, honesty and guidance, and believes people are the pillars to success. He’s the opposite of an evil villian with a curly moustache. Build something new - Play a role in building a game development studio that can’t stop and won’t stop growing. Career growth - Make an impact by leading projects and driving the direction of the studio. Develop initiatives and solutions that drive your career and boost the studio’s growth. For Freedom! Does this sound like you? Please apply asap as we are interviewing immediately for this permanent, full time position. PM and we can arrange a time to speak over the phone!
  7. down votefavorite I have previous experience with Unity, but I don't like the fact that Unity compiles your game directly into APK (or IOS equivalent). It's because I want to modify the game to provide chat interface (and some other stuff) for multiplayer mode etc. So, I thot of doing it the other way - 'create an app and embed a multiplayer game within it'. Now, again this approach meant that I had to develop for android and ios seperately. But, then I came across React-Native library (mobile extension of popular React framework). Now, I have decided to create an app using React-Native (cross-platform), but now I am confused as to which game engine should I use and I think since React-Native is javascript, game engine needs to be in javascript for seamless integration. I am planning to use to embed the game in my react-native app. Can anyone suggest me any good javascript game engines that can be used along with react-native? I have done some research on Phaser and Pixi but they use WebGL for rendering and I read somewhere that doesn't have great support for WébGL or Canvas(Am I wrong?). Any help is highly appreciated
  8. Hello. Can you explain me how to run multiplayer example project of isogenic game engine on c9.io? I have installed this engine and then I do this: node ./server/ige -g ./examples/24.1-network-stream and then it happens IGE *log* [IgeNetIoComponent] : Network component initiated with Net.IO version: 1.0.0 IGE *log* [IgeNetIoComponent] : Starting net.io listener on port 8080 IGE *log* [IgeNetIoComponent] : Starting client/server clock sync... IGE *log* [NetIo.Server] : Server is listening on port 8080 IGE *log* [IgeEngine:ige] : Starting engine... IGE *log* [IgeEngine:ige] : Engine started IGE *log* [IgeStreamComponent] : Setting delta stream interval to 30ms IGE *log* [IgeStreamComponent] : Starting delta stream... IGE *log* [IgeNetIoComponent] : Server now accepting connections! then I'm going to example project folder and run index.html file (or server.js) and it show this: Started apache2 (98)Address already in use: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:8080 (98)Address already in use: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down AH00015: Unable to open logs So what I'm doing wrong? (sorry for mistakes. english is not my native language)
  9. Hi, My name is Pavel I have started a series of Tiled Game Engine posts and will update it weekly if possible and will share my experiences and knowledge i learn wile making MMO RPG during several years of development as indie. I'll cover creation of Javascript based game engine from the ground, how to work with new API of HTML5, like XMLHttpRequest2, WebWorkers, WebSockets and etc. Several design patterns will be covered from performance and memory usage perspective. Currently Tiled Game Engine can works with tiled map of 1500x1500 dimension, more than 100 animated units on the screen simultaneously and more than 1000 units off-screen. The source code of that engine will be available on GitHub. Part 1: Game Loop Part 2: Stages, Assets and Loading Stage Hope not only to share my expertise, but get your feedbacks if any. Best regards,Pavel
  10. Hey guys, my first post here I tried Unity5 days ago and worked out this demo : http://opengg.me/940/spaceshooter-simple-unity3d-game/ Unity5 turns out to be an outstanding game engine to develop a WebGL Game, the problems are: The code size is still too large, 19MB of JavaScript code, taking too much time to generate, load and execute.WebGL on mobile is still a mess, making any game built by Unity5 not available to a majority of mobile web browsers.Even on the best performing mobile devices like Nvidia Tegra K1, an Unity5 WebGL build still takes too much performance cost, FPS below 30, making it less appealing than the native builds.Unity's 2D games cant make use of 2d context of html5 canvas, they use WebGL context, same as 3D games, so still suffer the problems above.So, I want a more mobile-friendly game engine, requirements including: Mobile-friendly: I can use 2d context of html5 canvas whenever I want, and the final builds should be less than 10MB with an empty scene. Productive: An editor/ide that somewhere near the Unity Editor, with features like spritesheet editing, scene hierarchy/inspector, animation controller/finite state machine. I just cant go back to handcraft everything again. Well-performed: Not just 60 FPS on PC browsers, a rogue-like tile game or a srolling space-shooter game should be jank-free on mobile chrome, 30FPS above. Physics: Simple colliders and rigibody support is good enough.Is there a game engine that meets these requirements?
  11. Hi, This is my first post on this forum, please correct me if I made any mistake. I have developed a Dart port of Phaser. I know that there is a official TypeScript definition for Phaser, but still no port for Dart-lang. Currently, almost all features are implemented (except P2 and ninja physics). And some examples selected from official website were also included to test my Dart port of Phaser. I tried my best to keep the consistent API to minimal effort of transferring JS code to Dart (you can see that in examples). I would love to see anyone trying my play_phaser game engine, and please give me your feedback.
  12. I watched this talk Developing Games Using Data not Trees. It talks about a new paradigm of building programming, that is Entity - Component. He has a github repo with useful links for more information here: https://github.com/kirbysayshi/pocket-ces/blob/master/doc/jsconfeu-2014/bibliography.md. There I saw this new game engine using this paradigm Psykick2D. It also uses Pixi so competitive to Phaser, I will definitely check it out, what do you think?
  13. Hello everyone, I am looking to create a top-down 2d game - firstly for desktop browsers - that has no need for gravity based physics. I have a few algorithms that I would like to implement that perform flocking of multiple avatars along with obstacle avoidance and collision - driven mainly by mouse movement. I'm quite happy implementing those but if there was a framework/engine/library that did the heavy lifting of Rendering, Sprite, Sound and Texture management - that would be useful. Is it better to mix-n-match libraries or choose a game engine that allows me to disregard the gravity physics and let me have lots of control of the sprite movement (for obstacle avoidance) and mouse movement detection? Thanks James
  14. I feel like I don't know enough to contribute to the Phaser, and I'd like to start learning what goes into making a game engine. Any resources and links to get me started would be great. I've already toyed around with Phaser and made my own game with it here: http://arunmahadevan.com/linerunner/ I'd like to know how to create such games from scratch, and what goes into making a framework like phaser, like what Richard did. For example, how good at JavaScript do you need to be? Where do you start? How can I start by making a really simple engine, and slowly work towards creating one that can be used in almost any project? Thanks in advance.
  15. What do you guys like? Are you more into the nuts and bolts type engines like easel or crafty? Or do you like the high level game maker engines like Construct 2 and Game Maker?
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