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y8 ad revenue partnership question


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Anyone know what the deal is there. I used their form and got an email with invitation, used it to sign up, but after that have no idea what the next move should be. Opened a ticket asking because they say a contract should be signed, no reply in over 2 weeks.  Accessing the knowledge base I can  get search results, but clicking on any result just gives me a nothing here page.


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4 hours ago, Rokit5 said:

Seems just as quiet over here.

Nobody here using y8 ad revenue share?  Nobody knows whether that thing is still even a thing.?

Maybe they got bought out by Azerion too? ?

Maybe this is all some mystery IQ test and I am failing it

Hi Rokit5,

Can you provide me here/private the game name? I will check your submission, and we'll try to get it launched at y8.com 

For info the site doesn't provide invitation for partnership, but it has a membership submission form, so I'm not sure what invitation you got.. 

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Hi Zoki,

Thanks for replying. I did not actually submit a game. I went to the game developer page link, it goes to y8.co/revshare  clicked on contact us which seems to go to the same contact form as other inquiries. Submitted the form asking about rev. share and got an email with a link to sign up at support.y8.com which I did, but could not find an answer. Opened a ticket which never got answered ( twice ). There doesn't seem to be anything in the knowledgebase. I get some search results, but cannot read anything other than a topic title and a first sentence

Anyway, my question is if I want to submit games and participate in revenue share, seems that I would have to sign something.

If I just upload a game then there is no revenue share ( right? ).  That would be fine too, I may get some traffic through more games links and so on.

But, I have no idea what the rules are, or difference between just submitting a game and actually including the y8 SDK and uploading under revenue share. I guess no rev. share with regular submissions. 


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Hi Rokit5

The support query/signup you talk about, is probably to follow up with the progress via helpy solution. I though you submitted a game form, that's why I asked more details about that.

To answer your questions here, Rokit5, first we need to evaluate the game for the ads partnership before we move onto paperwork. If a game is simple and doesn't gain much views, there's no point in making partnership at all, since it won't trigger any revenue for either side. That's why I'll mention again, once you have a game ready, feel free to submit and ping me, or ping me and submit, and we'll advance onto the next steps.

Traffic through self promotion is welcomed as long as it's not aggressive. For example, having 2-3 outlinks on a scene, animated thumbs, etc.. None webmaster would accept flashy promos and put their audience to a bounce risk. It doesn't matter how the game is published to y8. If we make a deal on publishig, or afterwards, ads setup will be updated and revenue will be available, normally if there's enough impressions.

Those rules can be found on our upload form, and the legal terms in the website footer





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