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Layers performance on old mobile device


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For the past couple of days I was trying to figure out why we are getting really low FPS on old Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2015). It seems that the issue we have is within layers, because as soon as we set layerableChildren to false, FPS goes from ~7FPS in static scene to ~35FPS. First assumption was that we are having way to many layers and complex scene, but even after reducing number of layers and optimising scene the FPS didn't change. The only change we see is that GPU time is increased with layers enabled.



We are using pixi 6.2 and layers 1.0.5
Is there anything we could do or it is simply a hardware issue and we have to do without layers?

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We don't use babel. That was my initial thought that spines are messing up things due to large number of items, but changing that didn't help at all. I also checked if layers got somehow flagged for render texture and they are not. We implemented an alternative solution with zIndexing and it works as expected. Performance is in the range of JS timings of layered solution, just without that GPU hoging.

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