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Flappy bird


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Flappy Bird is still a very popular game on the net. With over 50k searches only on Bing every month I just developed my own using Construct.

The game has the layout 800x600px.

The objective  of the game is to score as high as you can, collect the food in your way who will help you to destroy some pipes, collect hearts to grow your life-bar. Avoid pipes and don't touch the earth, by touching the earth you automatically die and the game is over.

You can try it on link below:


For mobile devices use the link below:



The game has also a Leader-board where you can submit your score, if the score is not the same with the player score then this will be 0(for cheaters).

The Leader-board uses PHP and SQLITE. The player no need to register just write his name and score.The leader-board is protected against bad words also.




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