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Shaku - new web game dev framework for people who love to code


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Hi all,

Announcing Shaku, new JavaScript lib for web games development:


About Shaku

This library handles rendering (WebGL), sound effects, input, assets, and basic collision detection. It also have some neat utilities like animators, text builder, matrices, vectors and other basic stuff, and its all written in pure JS and zero dependencies.

"Another web games framework? but why?"

There are many great frameworks out there, but they all (the ones I found) seem to be very high level and abstract. For example, to draw something you create a scene, add sprites to it, add camera, and the framework runs its own main loop and draw them behind the curtains. Now its nice for gamedev, but I wanted something else, something that keeps itself at API level where I can just call 'graphics.draw(texture, params)' on my own terms, and it will be immediately presented on screen. For that reason I wrote Shaku.

Ofc there's nothing wrong with the other approaches, its just wasn't my cup of tea.

Shaku is licensed under MIT so you can use it for whatever you want.

Some Demos

Here's a Fishy clone made with it:

And a top-down "game" demo:

Other demos with sample codes can be found here: https://ronenness.github.io/Shaku/demo/index.html

Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions.

Thanks! :)

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Wow - interesting project. Great demos already look very promising. 

Really strange that no-one else replied to this thread by now. Maybe you should point out what are the main differences between your engine and engines like Phaser or PIXI.js!? 

One question:

I havent looked at the sources yet - but how did you create the 3D effect on the trees in the top-down game-demo? Is it done with some kind of normal map shader?


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