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chef-js: Simple webserver with opt-in websockets and 404s fallback to index


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In case you'd want to host a game on a server where you want both static files + websockets at same process (to not overpay)

In case you'd want a simple production-ready command line web-server for built dist files of angular/vuejs to have 404s fallback on index.html so your routing doesn't need hash

In case you'd want a simple chat on websockets out-of-the-box

Please check out this article I wrote about the library I wrote (this is a third iteration of the library so it's mature, and I'm looking for some feedback)

It's called chef-js since a chef is someone who can make and serve you the food, keyword serve.

The websocket plugins that are used by this library are easy to write, and I'm using this in https://www.vikingsvillage.io/game/ currently (along with few other libraries, feel free to ask if you need info which ones)


I hope someone other than me finds this useful.


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