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Seeking experienced Phaser game devs - Introducing Golden Hearts Games


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Hey all,

I’m new here. ?


So first, a bit about Golden Hearts Games. ?

Golden Hearts Games is the leading innovator of 24/7 digital Charitable Promotional Games. Thus far we’ve processed $7.5+ million in donations, distributed to 44,000+ non-profits from more than 40,000 donors. Golden Hearts Games offers entertainment and rewards to anyone – to all donors and organizations no matter how small. 

Our mission is to leverage the universal delight in games and prizes to engage and reward everyday small donors – the hard-to-reach lifeblood of philanthropy – while creating new, always-on, highly efficient fundraising channels for causes and charities

For more info about GHG, our mission, our team, etc.: https://corp.goldenheartsgames.com/


Secondly, about GHG games: ?

We currently serve 10 different games: from Bingo to slots, poker to scratch games. While narrow in our focus currently, we’re looking to broaden our themes and game types in the future.

Check out our games: https://goldenheartsgames.com/


Lastly, about the dev role(s): ?

We’re seeking experienced Phaser3 software engineers to join our growing team. Full-time roles preferred but willing to work with the right independent game builder.

We offer:

  • Medical, dental & vision insurance
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Fully remote
  • Good pay
  • 401(k)

For more job details & to apply: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3013706597/


Join a great team, build games and do some good.

We're only just getting started.




Carl Lindberg
Director of Engineering
Golden Hearts Games
[email protected]





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