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Found 8 results

  1. Are you ready to experience the exhilaration of a concert day like never before? Look no further! Get Ready With Me: Concert Day is here to take your concert experience to new heights. This innovative HTML5 game is designed to engage, entertain, and captivate music enthusiasts like yourself. Let's dive into the world of Get Ready With Me: Concert Day and discover why it's the ultimate game for every concert lover!
  2. About Espada de Sheris is a pixelart 2d parkour focused platformer solo indie game created by SketBR that tells the story of the cat european ninja of the future named Kibo. Kibo makes adventures to save the world. TrailerMODE: https://youtu.be/kvvi0d9Ht0s Story In the year 4000 where humans became extinct by extraterrestrial named duzker and what exists are cats and duzker who are called demons according to cats because duzker look. A euro ninja cat named Kibo was guarding the crystals of power until they were stolen by the Sovereign Stickers Itch.io Page Download Screenshots: My pages Twitter Discord ko-fi page more...
  3. Hello everyone! I think it’s no sacramental secret that in the past years browser gaming has been greatly undermined by Mobile apps in terms of volume & audience. Some research (that I’m not claiming to cover all aspects) indicates following key complexities that lay as the foundation for this: Unresolved monetization question - it’s a hassle to implement payments inside the browser compared to “ready-to-go” POS inside Mobile. And besides technological aspects there is also a behavioral factor - users are not “accustomed” to paying in browser games, as historically browser gaming is the usual synonym for “free” time killer where you mindlessly click-away while standing in the queue or waiting for your bus. Optimization issues - Different browsers and updates. As well as an open question on how to efficiently store game progress (LocalStorage? Can be flushed and it lacks mobility… How about generating some “in-game progress code” users have to write down and remember? Well, that’s just bad UX) But as we’re living in the advent of Web3.0, I was wondering if there is any multi- or single-player project trying / thinking of integrating blockchain into their browser game to alleviate the hurdles above? Like identifying user based on his wallet or storing game data directly on-chain… ? And how do you think browser gaming will change in the coming years? Would love to hear your thoughts on all this
  4. Hey all, I’m new here. ? So first, a bit about Golden Hearts Games. ? Golden Hearts Games is the leading innovator of 24/7 digital Charitable Promotional Games. Thus far we’ve processed $7.5+ million in donations, distributed to 44,000+ non-profits from more than 40,000 donors. Golden Hearts Games offers entertainment and rewards to anyone – to all donors and organizations no matter how small. Our mission is to leverage the universal delight in games and prizes to engage and reward everyday small donors – the hard-to-reach lifeblood of philanthropy – while creating new, always-on, highly efficient fundraising channels for causes and charities For more info about GHG, our mission, our team, etc.: https://corp.goldenheartsgames.com/ Secondly, about GHG games: ? We currently serve 10 different games: from Bingo to slots, poker to scratch games. While narrow in our focus currently, we’re looking to broaden our themes and game types in the future. Check out our games: https://goldenheartsgames.com/ Lastly, about the dev role(s): ? We’re seeking experienced Phaser3 software engineers to join our growing team. Full-time roles preferred but willing to work with the right independent game builder. We offer: Medical, dental & vision insurance Unlimited vacation Fully remote Good pay 401(k) For more job details & to apply: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3013706597/ Join a great team, build games and do some good. We're only just getting started. Cheers, ~CL --- Carl Lindberg Director of Engineering Golden Hearts Games [email protected]
  5. which is the best game engine for making browser games like : supported from all browsers and have support community ??
  6. I want to make my own web card game, but I'm a starter in the code world, so, I need tips to choose the right JS framework. Please.
  7. Umz

    A.I Egg

    So, just a little project created while building a few functions and stuff I'll need for later projects. Turned out pretty good for what I wanted, but later I'll go back to improve a few more things. A bit too plain right now, but gets the job done. Play in the browser, mobile or desktop: http://umzgames.com/itcn/aiegg
  8. Hello everyone, It's my first game done with Javascript, I've been working on it almost 3 months in my spare time. Game saves the progress with cookies. Looking forward to hear your opinions and feedback. Here is projects GitHub - https://github.com/JasperCherry/HotSteel Here is the game on my uni server - http://doc.gold.ac.uk/~kwisn001/games/HotSteel/ Some screenshots:
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