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2 computers, 2 browsers, 2 different results


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While working on my FPS problem, I had the opportunity to test my 10 bells scene on 2 different computers:


A. My desktop, (Intel I5) running Firefox 27 as a browser. Video card an NVidia GTX 650 with 2 GB RAM.


B. Toshiba (Intel I3)  laptop running Windows 8.1 and using IE as a browser. It has an onboard video card, shared memory, using Intel's HD 4000. It had no problem with running the scene in terms of speed.


The scene contains a yellow spotlight that illuminates the back wall - it is placed behind the figure and arch and its cone illuminates only the back wall (set up in blender).


Below are two screen captures for the two systems


Any ideas why the spotlight on the laptop seems to be illuminating everything - both machines are running the same code and babylon file.?


cheers, gryff :)







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I'm very surprised the system with Firefox/NVidia has problems





I guess I was not as clear as I should have been - the yellow spotlight is behind the figure and pointing towards the back wall  with only the back wall in its cone of light. However, in the laptop view, the side walls, the figure and even the arch are receiving yellow light - almost as though the spotlight is somewhere infront of the figure.


The FF/NVidia screen capture is what is anticipated. The IE runs fine as far as FPS is concerned - but not how the scene is being rendered.



You two graphics cards are different on each PC. I think that their settings are different from a pc to another which may explain the problem.



@dad72 - agreed, that is one possible difference. But could it be how IE/FF handle WebGL, or perhaps even a difference between my desktop Samsung monitor or the laptop monitor - the laptop cost only about a $100 more than my desktop monitor.


cheers, gryff :)

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