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Kickstarter/crowd funding Do's and Don'ts?


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Hi Everyone,

Just wondering what you all think of kickstarting games.

What type of games do you think are definitely NOT kickstartable?
I'm thinking Pay to win games are definitely not kickstartable.

Or what are some other things that would make you consider:
A game should get kickstarted.
I would kickstart a game but It would change things about it.

Kind Regards,

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@Saint_Pepsi I'm skeptical about KS, whatever the game genre.  Past success is no guarantee of future success for others?

If you want a stranger's advice ... there are lots of ways to fail, so here's some quick checks:

  1. Make sure the audience for your game is already active and spendy on KS.  New membership creates resistance and you'll be building KS's community at the expense of your own.
  2. Is that KS audience already loyal to a specific project or community - if so, are you influential in that community?  Does your game compete or compliment?  Competition creates resistance.
  3. Is your game fully demonstrable prior to KS?  Anything short of a Beta will create resistance - plus efforts will be spent making smoke-and-mirrors, rather than making the game.
  4. Do you need the money or is this just a route to more sales?  Financial necessity is an indicator there is no calculated plan behind the campaign, and is likely throwing good time after bad.
  5. Do you look good on camera, are you prepared to put a personality to the project?  It's not for everyoine, hipsters seem to do OK whereas a lack of charisma is sudden death to many campaigns.

Perhaps, instead of KS: build a game, make it for people you know will want to play it.  When they play it, learn from them, then build more.  Traction will follow?

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