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[Discussion] Browser gaming vs Web3.0?


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Hello everyone! :wave:
I think it’s no sacramental secret that in the past years browser gaming has been greatly undermined by Mobile apps in terms of volume & audience.

Some research (that I’m not claiming to cover all aspects) indicates following key complexities that lay as the foundation for this:

Unresolved monetization question - it’s a hassle to implement payments inside the browser compared to “ready-to-go” POS inside Mobile. And besides technological aspects there is also a behavioral factor - users are not “accustomed” to paying in browser games, as historically browser gaming is the usual synonym for “free” time killer where you mindlessly click-away while standing in the queue or waiting for your bus.

Optimization issues - Different browsers and updates. As well as an open question on how to efficiently store game progress (LocalStorage? Can be flushed and it lacks mobility… How about generating some “in-game progress code” users have to write down and remember? Well, that’s just bad UX)

But as we’re living in the advent of Web3.0, I was wondering if there is any multi- or single-player project trying / thinking of integrating blockchain into their browser game to alleviate the hurdles above?
Like identifying user based on his wallet or storing game data directly on-chain… ?

And how do you think browser gaming will change in the coming years?

Would love to hear your thoughts on all this :slight_smile:

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