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Using spine animation in a project


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Hello everyone. 

I'm using spine animations in a project that I'm working on. As advised on the forums, I've turned autoUpdate off and have implemented manual updates for the spines. They are collected in an array as soon as they are created and are updated on each game tick. This approach has solved a lot of issues however a very strange corner case has come up. 

I have two spine animations. I want to play the second one when an event from the first one fires. I listen for the event on the first animation and start the second animation inside the callback. This however causes the second animation to render incorrectly on the first frame it's created and but continues to play its animation normally. What happens is that the spine object appears incorrectly positioned and flipped for just one frame. The frame it's created on, then on the next tick it gets updated and animates and renders normally. 

This does NOT happen if I manually call the update method on the spine animation on the tick I create it and it does not happen with autoUpdate enabled.

I'm going to try and create an example to show this behavior I just wanted to make a post and ask in case it's something very obvious that I might be missing.

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