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Low FPS when using large textures


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I need to display a large number (for example 400) of high resolution textures at the same time, for this I used the ParticleContainer from the example - https://pixijs.io/examples/#/demos-basic/particle-container.js.

But in the end, I get FPS = 10-15, the more sprites, the lower the FPS, even if you turn off the animation - there is no difference, the image in idle mode also heavily loads the browser, which is why the page scroll is very freezing.

I could not find a solution anywhere, so I will be grateful for your help.

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Use compressed textures & spritesheets would be the solution.

If you have for example 400 1024x1024 32 bit png images then uncompressed that would require 13.4 gigabits of video memory assuming my calculations were right (might not be, but large amount of memory anyways). Also 400 is such a high number that no gpu currently can hold that many texture slots so batching is not possible -> no benefit in using particle-container, it might even be decremental to performance as it's intended for cases where a single texture is used for lots of sprites.

For some reason I couldnt see the example running so dont know what the resolutions were. But if they are small enough you can get it working with just spritesheets. If it's still sluggish then try compressed textures. If it's still slow then things get much harder and I know of no simple solutions.

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