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Found 5 results

  1. Considering: I am curious if there is some sort of configuration which can crop drawings outside a particular boundary? Thanks
  2. Hi, all! Is it piossible to refuse black screen delay when the game starts? It happens on first milliseconds of the start.. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi community, I have been using Pixi js for some time now, absolutely love it. I am using their latest version 4.3.4 and notice in Google Chromes Console there is 256+ Warnings looking like this: My world is currently 2000x2000px, with roughly 200 sprite objects in it (pretty tiny really) I have tried: removing all of my pixi Graphics objects, the warnings still show commenting out all of my world sprites, the warnings still show commenting out all of my player sprites, the warnings still show There is a performance degradation if the browser loads the game loop prior to the warnings finished, probably because of a race condition with the Web Socket requests. Any help would greatly be appreciated!
  4. Hi Team, I'm looking to increase my world from 2000px2 => 8000px2+ (maybe even 12k if it works out) I haven't been successful in finding a way I could crop/clone so to speak a rectangle within the main app.renderer object to my other viewport canvas. //Proposed canvas setup (pseudo setup): app_canvas = { styles: { width: "8000px", height: "8000px", display: "none" } }; viewport_canvas = { styles: { width: window.innerWidth, height: window.innerHeight } }; /******************************* * * Proposed render logic (pseudo): * ******************************** ** ** While rendering... ** get the coordinates of my camera... ** clone the texture of app_canvas ** Plot the cloned texture into viewport_canvas ** ********************************/ Is this possible? Is there a better way to do this? I am aware of the other threads talking about culling techniques but I'm willing to keep that conversation to the side and focus on this topic. Thanks