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Free code from noob!


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If you want to have a look at this code I'd be honored. 

I wrote it all by myself except for the framework of course.


If you'd like to give feedback on the 'not-game-yet' or anything else

- then that would be great.


Mainly I've cobbled together the graphics. When I make a real game,

I'll be more exacting.


At the the end of the scene, when it's been 'solved' I've implemented

the beginnings of a 'scene change' AND along the way no need for an

'inventory' (for point and click type games) at least the 'inventory'

would be just a matter of 'clearing' display objects from the stage and

replacing them with new ones. This would be drawn onto the 'canvas'

using an 'index'. 1 being the furthest back. So you could keep what you

want (inventory) and clear and draw the new scene.




I'm having lots of fun :) :)



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First off, in index2, I like the pictures of rooms as walls. It made me want to "look into the wall" for things. So, if/when you change it, you may want to keep that in mind.

2nd, after I put the bear on the dog's head and I clicked on the porthole, I saw no more bears or cupcakes.  I assume that's because it's not done yet, but if not there's a glitch, or I failed at finding anything.


Good job, I like it so far.

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Thanks very much,


There are two items to 'find' in the other scenes which become dragable.


Just like 'Teddy' or a cupcake they 'will' be interactive - when I can get my frame rate higher.


I'm getting lot's of slowness - probably due to the fact that I'm new to this sort of code.


(yes the walls contain a 'ball' - opps! objects - or at least one in the new scenes)


Mind you another object may not contain a 'stick' of furniture.


Other than that - it's an unfinished game.


Thanks for feedback very valuable for me Regards Harry

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