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Found 3 results

  1. After a few years break from creating the Point and Click game Bayou Island, I've decided to make a new game called "The Halloween Game" in time for the holidays. It also has a game creator so that others can make their own Point and Click Games which I'll be releasing later on, you can see a video of it here. The url to the game is = I'm a front end developer and I've always wanted Point and Click games to be accessible via the web instead of always having to install apps. Unfortunately when I started this journey 5 years ago there was no lightweight solution in order to deliver such an experience. I think I've now managed to achieve all the typical features that one would expect in a Point and Click game. These include: - Inventory - Npcs - Music - Sound fx - Voice acting - Cut scenes - Playing as multiple characters - Close up puzzles and more... Some under the hood features include: - Lazy loading of rooms as you enter them (since memory is limited on mobile devices). - Sound sprites of voice acting - Runs off a JSON file, no database required Some future features I'd like to include: - Lip syncing - Ability to walk and talk at the same time - Escorting procedures (allow both playable characters and npcs to follow you). So please have a play and any feedback will be greatly received. Only thing I ask is please look upon this in a development perspective rather than the quality of the story and puzzles (I'm not great at those :)) As I have mentioned I also have an accompanying game creator which will allow you to make your own games. Your feedback on the demo game will help me finely tune the game creator before I release that too. Quick frankly if I had ever known it was going to take me this long to do - I never would have started it. However it has certainly kept me busy and focused throughout covid-19. Many thanks, Andrew Howard.
  2. Hi gang, Allow me to introduce myself with this first post about my game under development. After finishing my first beta (there's some dev versions before that) I decided to go out into the internet to find like-minded souls. The current beta only shows the interactive graphic novel but that's a branch within the 'framework', another branch is a point and click adventure (links below). Be advised, I *do* intend to make adult material, ranging from tongue in cheek erotica (think Leisure Suit Larry) to X rated stuff but you don't get NSFW thrown in your face at splash. Actually, you don't get to see anything that's not decent until you explicitly make that choice, and you'll recognise it when you get there. it's pretty hard to miss I started on this because I was in a moment of distraction looking for some decent adult 3DGCI entertainment and found it all wanting, boring, predictable. Simple 'click through to get to the action' and even the action was boring. Sure, my beta isn't completely out of those woods yet, sorry for that but you can already make unexpected mistakes. The current main source of information about this game, with details about concepts, reasons, contemplations (including the 'Feminist Dilemma :P), future development & many screenshots etc is my blog "Diary of a Porn producer", started with a touch or irony because I didn't think I'd embark on that venue (I used to make 3D Virtual Learning environments in a University) It's here. It's completely safe for work. I'm especially proud of my seamless embedding of MPG4 animations while still allowing for drawing of interaction components, tell me what you think. Both can be reached via the main entrance which immediately shows adult material (nothing extreme but the woman isn't wearing anything). So, alternatively; these are the two versions which start safe for work. Here's the current beta (which shows the outlines of the interactive graphic novel / game) Here's the previous dev demo (which shows the point and click adventure and has choices for 'content intensity') Best played on desktop/laptop, it workd on mobile but is rather small and misses 'mouse over' functionality. Also, the site is completely clean, just the game, no ads, banners, pop-ups, cam girls etc... Hope you have a bit of fun regards ~william links to screen shots (that are completely safe for work, no nudity, adult language though) warning splash entry interactive novel 'Tuition Fees' You can get it wrong in 'Tuition Fees' And in 'Private Tutor' the reaction at the first meeting depends on your previous choices (ok, it's a point and click adventure but you don't need to grab everything you can!), she can be neutral, pleased or angry
  3. If you want to have a look at this code I'd be honored. I wrote it all by myself except for the framework of course. If you'd like to give feedback on the 'not-game-yet' or anything else - then that would be great. Mainly I've cobbled together the graphics. When I make a real game, I'll be more exacting. At the the end of the scene, when it's been 'solved' I've implemented the beginnings of a 'scene change' AND along the way no need for an 'inventory' (for point and click type games) at least the 'inventory' would be just a matter of 'clearing' display objects from the stage and replacing them with new ones. This would be drawn onto the 'canvas' using an 'index'. 1 being the furthest back. So you could keep what you want (inventory) and clear and draw the new scene. I'm having lots of fun :)