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IE 9/10/11 sound file limit


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Hello everyone!


I wonder if someone is facing this problem except me: IE has a (hardware dependent) limit of sound files that can be loaded via HTML5 Audio.load method. For me, it's  exactly 41 sound file. When reaching this limit, IE fails to load sound with onerrror event firing on Audio element (I'm not making a testcase, hoping that it's a well-known bug, so many years it's there).


So, what can be done with this? Sound sprites? Tried that one, every browser except IE is OK playing sound sprites, but in IE there are some problems (as always). What else?


Thank you!

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Are you sure this is actually related to audio, and it isn't simply some kind of memory limit that you would hit when loading lots of images too? 41 sounds may end up using a lot of memory.


I've found that if you recycle your Audio objects, that helps with memory usage (the old file that the Audio object was using gets unloaded shortly after the new one is loaded). Whereas relying on garbage collection to happen for unused and unreferenced Audio objects just doesn't work in some browsers.

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