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Having a weird frame drop issue


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Hello! 👋

I am stuck with a rather peculiar issue, my application will render two frames, then drop two frames before repeating the pattern.

Been debugging this for several days, and found a few hints.

- Complexity does not affect it at all, I have reduced it a single sprite on an empty canvas, and I get the exact same issue as a full scene.

- Other pixi applications are not affected by this. So its a problem with my code, not the library or hardware. (Despite this only happening on this particular device)

- The device is more or less idling, no real processing happening.

- It does not happen when I make the canvas small, but happens when I scale it to near-fullscreen. Setting resolution has no effect. I can make it really low resolution, without any change in framerate.

- It is not executing any logic in requestAnimationFrame, just rendering a single sprite.

I have attached an image. It contains a profile of my app to the left, and google maps to the right. Google maps is consuming far more resources in every aspect, yet runs perfectly smoothly.

Currently the app is running with requestAnimationFrame and the Pixi renderer directly, but earlier it was using Pixi Application, with the exact same result.


Has anyone here experienced something similar?



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Crazy thing, finally figured out what is causing the problem!

A CSS rule on a completely unrelated part of the system. Removed it, and now everything runs like butter. Seems like the backdrop filter is somehow interfering with rendering.

backdropFilter: "blur(55px) saturate(2)",


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