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Determine objects at pixel coordinates


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So this is a long shot, but I wanted to ask anyway.


When a user moves the mouse cursor in the browser, the "mousemove" event.


What I would like to do is pick a random x,y coordinate and determine what objects are "on/within" the given coordinate.


Not sure if webgl has some tricks up it's sleeve to do this, or maybe I could create a mousemove event in javascript for a given coordinate, fire the event and see what bubbles.


Looking for ideas.


What I'm trying to shortcut is looping through world entities to find any close to the given coordinates.



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Take a look at the mouseDown method in interaction manager (dev branch, as it's changed). It just loops through display objects and hit-tests them (in reverse due to the way they get painted). Your method could use the same hitTest.

There isn't really any fancier "trick". :)


This was going to be my fallback, but I wanted to see if there was a different solution.

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