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Better way to scale sprites and docs question


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Hi at all,


I can't figure out how to scale correctly.

I have a sprite with a size of 2300 x 600 pixel. I want to dynamically scale the logo-sprite in proportion to the screen-size.

now I'm doing this so that I change the width and height:


from the memory:


logo = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'logo')

logo.width = game.world.width - logo.width / 4


it works well.


In the examples it's shown that it is worked with scaleTo...

that works too, but not when changing the size



Screen width = 600

It works with logo.scaleTo(0.25, 0.25)

but with a screen-width off 200 isnt it dynamically.


how is it in phaser provided?


Unfortunately, my other question is really stupid, and I'm sorry for that:
How I read the documentation correctly?
in the upper example i create a sprite and I can use the method scaleTo.
But there ist no entry in the docs for sprites. http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.Sprite.html
where can I find the method? this is also true for the other things
I apologize once again for the newbie question

Thanks for your time reading this.


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I can answer your first question. You need to find the factor to scale by. When you call logo.scaleTo(0.25, 0.25), you are telling phaser to scale the sprite by 1/4th by x and y. It doesn't automatically scale by screen size. So what you could do is this:

var scalex = (game.camera.width - logo.width/4)/2300;var scaley = (game.camera.height - logo.height/4)/600;logo.scale.setTo(scalex, scaley);

and that should make it so that the logo is always within the bounds of the camera, even if your world size is larger than normal.

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