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Multiple canvases being rendered in my Pixi app


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I have a strange issue with my canvas elements.

I had been developing a Pixi.js project in isolation, then decided to embed it in my React app. 

I have been able to place the Pixi project within a component and have it compile and build along with the React app from the jump, but when I visit the PIxi game, instead of one canvas being rendered, immediately 2 canvases render. And then if I update the code with this browser open, multiple canvases keep getting added to the dom.

Note: this only happens when I run an 'unoptimized' `npm start`. When I do `serve build`, then only one canvas is rendered-but this build does not allow for me to hot-reload so I cannot develop my app like that. I at least need a build that will allow me to see my progress in real time and not make me restart my server every time.


Any ideas?

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@ivan.popelyshevthank you! yeah I passed these functions from App.js down to their children, and invoke when the games are being rendered: 



However, even though I am still checking to see if the root exists, I still get console errors saying I'm trying to remove an element that isn't present:1764421451_Screenshot2022-11-16at9_41_31AM.thumb.png.bd11afcec4442922c1fbc8c6c87077f4.png

This isn't breaking my app-but would love to do away with console errors if I can.

It's like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place: I can get rid of the root removal which would give me a clear console, yet multiple canvases

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