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What is The Best html5 Framework For An Idle Game?


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Unity is a great tool, but it has many features unnecessary for the likes of most incremental games.

UE4 is an extreme example but a blank apk with it is like 100MB.

It might be wise to use a more 2D focused engine instead of one that tacks a pseudo 2D mechanism. Unless you intend to have 3D features in your idle game of course.

Any 2D game engine that exports to Android devices will work.

If you fancy Lua, Corona SDK, Gideros, Defold, maybe love2d

Java has libgdx

Haxe has Heaps

PhaserJS - https://phaser.io/

Godot natively has GDScript and C# but can adapt to just about any language.

If you want to use HTML/JS there is plenty of tooling for it to be a perfectly fine mobile game dev environment.

If really depends what language you want to use. There is a engine for just about every language under the sun.

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