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Strange rendering bug since 2.0


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After upgrading my game to Phaser 2, I have found that it is failing to render properly on a Mac Mini, using Chrome. It looks like this:




It is not a big problem. The same Mac Mini displays the game properly on Safari, and I have tested the game on at least 3 different Mac computers with Chrome and works fine in all of them but the Mac Mini.

None other configuration I have tested so far, on mobile or desktop, has shown this problem. The only one failing is the Mac Mini with Chrome.


The game works fine on the Mac Mini with Chrome if I use Phaser 1.1.6 instead.


It seems a pretty low level hard to spot problem, so I'm just posting it here in case anyone may have a clue on what's going on. The Mac Mini has a nVidia 320M GPU, which I think is somehow related to the whole problem.

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Hmm this is interesting because lastnight, I was trying to render debug camera information but I just seen white blocks where I guess text was supposed to be.  Similar to your white bars.  But my TileSet renders fine. This is just on a standard PC/Chrome Canary build. I have not had time yet to return to it. 

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clark - I've been getting the "white blocks" issue in WebGL in Chrome Canary as well. Only very recently though, seems to be really new Canary issue (as it's not the sort of thing that could be coded in as a bug!)


mario - does it work on your Mac Mini in Chrome in Canvas mode? Or does it only do the above in WebGL?

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