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Tile size recomended


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the smaller the tiles - the more physics bodies are there to calculate..  of course your performance would be a little bit better with 32x32 tiles..  


here in my mario demo (flappy mario ^^)  http://test.xapient.net/phaser/ALL/flappy.html   i use 32x32 tiles with loads of tiles (200x20 tiles), animations, parallax and the performance is quite acceptable..  on the tablet it is not good enough


i have 3 layers on this 200x20 field.. if i remove 2 of them the speed increases immediately..


in my experience the canvas size is also relevant..  it determines the amount of pixels that have to be rendered..  most games use a smaller canvas than you do..  800x600 even 640x480



all in all its a question about the hardware you are using..  i have pc's at work that are way faster than my own workstation when it comes to rendering my phaser testgame...  also the question canvas or webgl ? remains

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