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Migrate to v2 error


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I've just tried plugging in v2 into an old test, and I get the error:


Phaser v2.0.0 - WebGL - WebAudio http://phaser.io ♥♥♥ phaser.min.js:7
  1. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'SHOW_ALL' of undefined load.js:32
    1. Game.Boot.preloadload.js:32
    2. b.StateManager.preUpdatephaser.min.js:6
    3. b.Game.updatephaser.min.js:8
    4. b.RequestAnimationFrame.updateRAFphaser.min.js:11
    5. window.requestAnimationFrame.forceSetTimeOut._onLoop


Is there something obvious I'm missing? I was expecting some errors, but this doesn't give me an obvious point to start.






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