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Looking for someone to help write a script to parse the Phaser docs (paid)


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Hi all,


Here is the plan:


Despite what you may think about PHP, I have always loved the way it has a really social and community driven manual. Every single function has its own page, and users can weigh in and comment on any single little part of it. It was invaluable to me decades ago, and I still find it useful today.


I want to do the same for Phaser. So every single class and method has its own documentation page, that can be expanded and built on as needed, and people can leave comments and examples at will (which we'll moderate of course).


Anyway in order to make this happen I want to pay a script ninja (hopefully that's you) to write a script that can parse the JS files and spit out one single markdown file for every function it encounters. The markdown file should be named after the function, and put inside a folder that matches the class name. It should also be populated with the jsdoc block that the function has (assuming it has one, and most do).


Basically I can then use the results of this script to seed the first initial online Phaser manual.


Think you can do it? Drop me an email (rdavey at gmail dot com) with your price and when you can get started.





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Hey Rich,


I can try to make this this weekend for free because it sounds like a few hours of work and that is nothing compared to all the work that you have put in Phaser.

No guarantees though...


Do you have any kind of layout in mind for those markdown files.

Currently I'm thinking about Class name as header, function as sub header and the rest as normal text (maybe with some bold text here and there).


(Question: Do you only need the markdown files for now :o?)

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