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What's the purpose of ScaleManager._startHeight ?


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Looking at the code of ScaleManager, there is this attribute "_startHeight" that is initialised at 0 and never changed after that, still ScaleManager.setScreenSize() use it like follows

if (force || window.innerHeight > this._startHeight || this._iterations < 0){    // Set minimum height of content to new window height    document.documentElement['style'].minHeight = window.innerHeight + 'px';...

Looking at older versions of Phaser (specifically 0.83TS), StageScaleMode.refresh() used to actually update this attribute like this:

if (this.game.device.iPad == false && this.game.device.webApp == false && this.game.device.desktop == false){    document.documentElement['style'].minHeight = '2000px';    this._startHeight = window.innerHeight;...

I don't know what's the usefulness of _startHeight, but it seemed more like a bug that it wasn't actually being updated at all. am I missing something ?

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