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looking for someone to code me a 3d model viewer for webpage

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Hi. :)
I'm looking for someone who is able, willing and have time to create a 3d model web-viewer for obj files.
In the past (some years ago) i played a bit with babylon.js (but i'm not a js coder and not a professional in such things)
This is the only one option i know to this time to do this on a website , what i want have
- web viewer for a obj file (game-level/game-map)
- the POV/cam view should be movable so visitor can fly through the map (caves)
... attatchment: a obj file , a map who should be vidible/browsabel by a website



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forgot attatchment
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How are you?
Thanks for your posting, This is Json Howard based in US
I'm a game developer with +7 years of experience
I saw your description and it make me interesting
WebGL and 3d model using is one of my major skills of my experience
Specially three, babylon, playcanvas, unity
Please conatct me I can handle this task perfectly

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Hi :) I'm fine. Thank You.

In general it's about a Games-Map Lister on the web (for the game "Overload"), where i want to add details pages with a 3D view of the level (caves/rooms).
The level we can export in obj models, and while doing this they still can be
bit customized by technical needs.
- final wish / result is a free "flythrouhg" this obj / level / cave / room on the webbrowser (plain level, no texturing)

If you are interested we may have a short talk / chat first via Teamspeak or Discord


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