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Switch between pma and straight in the same texture


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I want to pack my atlases as tightly as possible for my games and that unfortunately involves packing PMA and Straight sprites in the same image file. Is there a way to "switch" the blend state from one sprite draw to another? I come from a Monogame background and I know that this works there but could not find a way to do it in PIXI :(

The reason I need this also has to do with the use of pixi-spine and packing spine atlases with other sprites that do not use PMA.

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per-region switch is possible , you have to alter the renderer for it ) ask not "baseTexture.alphaMode" but "texture.alphaMode" , and put whatever you need there. its either PMA either NPM, not UPLOAD

If you dont have experience altering the renderer - here's one of my experiments: https://codesandbox.io/s/pixi7-custom-renderer-24nvhl

Though you dont need extra shader, you just have to copy interleave function from pixi itself and alter it. 

If you still have problems with this - I can make your case for $$$, because that's actual working time. Also I can help remove batches between those modes, because right now its handled in different drawcalls. 

Basically, you can pay for moving https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-heaven/tree/master/src to v7 and adding extra feature there for PMA/NPM auto-switch per-region

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