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drawing many graphics efficiently


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Hey thanks for reading/offering help with my question.


I'm drawing roughly about 100 horizontal Graphics.drawRect() on a canvas with Pixi.js as seen here


Each horizontal line is a color filled rect using Graphics.

This is simple enough, and poses little efforts to draw even when zooming and panning.


The question is, and What I want to do, is,

I want to draw many more of these lines, which wont go all the way across, but small vertical slivers as depicted here


This is over simplified, as I would like to draw up to 43,000 of these small vertical slices of colored horizontal lines.


How/what is the best way to do this without simply drawing 400k graphics on the canvas???

-is this not  good idea?





This is what I'm trying to mimic


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So likely drawing each individual line would be the best/only way?

there would be about 100 horizonal lines per veritcal slice, and up to 43k slizes, so 400k+
can I draw a single Rect and fill with different colors ?


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