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Learning WebGPU from scratch


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Hi friends!

I was really excited to see Chrome shipping WebGPU in 113! It theoretically greater promises performance improvements over WebGL!

I took a stab at learning the API from scratch and found it to be a pretty enjoyable API to use.

There are 3 big differences:

* No more global state, everything is captured into objects that can be reuses

* Brand new shading language WGSL which is very Rust-like

* Direct compute shader support so you don't need to do the texture hack anymore to pass data

What are your thoughts on WebGPU? Have you tried it yet? Has anyone here looked at using compute shaders yet for games (thinking about physics simulations)?

I posted a video on youtube of me learning WebGPU from scratch and give my impressions on the API


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WebGPU so far is freaking amazing.  I've been moving all my projects over to it from various webgl frameworks.    So awesome to have a graphics API that was designed around modern graphics hardware, instead of WebGL which is a modification of a graphics standard that is like 30 years old. :)

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