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Any AS3 developers here?


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Hi Everyone :D

I have been a Flash/AS3 developer for a while and for a few weeks have been playing with TypeScript. I am enjoying it! 

Robert's articles have been fundamental for me starting the migration process. Recommended: http://www.codebelt.com


I wondered, is anyone else out there in the same position as me? Do you have any blogs or good resources to share from a Flash perspective? 


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Hi there.


I'm a Flash developer, been on FGL quite a bit (but not very active). I don't really have much to share but I too am interested in what you seek.

I'm currently curious about the recently open sourced turbulenz library. Although right now it's a bit much to take in, gonna have to study up.


Also very curious how HTML5 game licensing works compared to say typical FlashGameLicense deals. I've seen the site marketjs.com and understand some stuff might happen from there.

I feel the risk of game theft must increase with the technology used, so I'm curious how people protect themselves from this. Rich, if you happen to read this, I'd be very happy to hear your take on this.

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tackle - once you've made a few more posts here you will get access to the Sponsors area, where you can see what sort of deals go down and who to work with.


In terms of game theft, I've not see much evidence of it being much of a problem - at least no more so than stolen Flash games (which lets face it, is very easy to do!). However people nicking stuff out of your source code is totally possible. There are 2 options: 1) Ignore it and get on with life (which is what I do) and 2) Use a package like JScrambler.

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