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SpriteBatch & buttonMode? / Set top layerIndex for addChildAt?


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I´m having a hard time getting sprites with setInteractive(true) & buttonMode=true to register clicks when using a SpriteBatch container.

Works like a charm with the regular DisplayObjectContainer. Anybody got a idea what i might be doing wrong?


Alternatively is it possible to render a SpriteBatch container behind a regular DisplayObjectContainer?


Curios as well how to set the maximum available layers on scene-start, which is then used when inserting sprits with addChildAt(sprite,layerIndex).

Noticed that sometimes on rapid scene destroy/reload it throws errors, the targeted layer does not exist.

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Sprites inside of a SpriteBatch are only rendered. There are no advanced features like interaction, filtering, masking, etc. There are rendered from position, alpha, and rotation; as quickly as possible. If you want to have advanced features use a  DOC.

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