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Bitmap Font from shared atlas


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I have a very similar question to this topic but didn't understand the answer and figured no one would read it since the post is marked as 'answered' :unsure:



What I'd like to do is

1- Load the font data xml file in my preloader

2- Adjust the font 'char' data so the x,y offsets map into a texture atlas that i've already loaded that contains the actual font bitmap data

3- Set the texture on the font so it points to the texture atlas


In Phaser.LoaderParser.bitmapFont(), I can see it doing #3... but does Phaser have a util to load just an xml file?


Also, is this worth it? In Starling it's good to use as few texture atlases as possible because there's a performance penalty to switching textures, but I have no idea if that applies here to Canvas/WebGL.





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