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Group.removeBetween iterates erroneously


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It is very awkward to say this, but for me it looks like current implementation of this function is bugged. Probably no one uses it anyway or it would be long found :)

The thing is that the code falls in a very trivial trap: it changes the array it is iterating over:

 for (var i = startIndex; i < endIndex; i++)    {        if (this.children[i].events)        {            this.children[i].events.onRemovedFromGroup.dispatch(this.children[i], this);        }        this.removeChild(this.children[i]);        if (this.cursor === this.children[i])        {            this.cursor = null;        }    }

removeChild line will shift the indexes, if I'm not mistaken. Eventually the loop fails on accessing .events for non-existant (out of bounds) child.


Also it seems reasonable to make second parameter optional, just removing every item starting with startIndex.

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