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Looking for Expert Game Developer HTML5/JavaScript for Facebook Instant games

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Project Description:
We are in search of a talented and experienced game developer, specialized in HTML5 and JavaScript, to create an interactive Jigsaw puzzle game for the Facebook Instant Games platform. The project requires a professional who can integrate advanced social functionalities, offering an immersive and socially connected user experience.

Project Objectives:

Develop a puzzle game specifically using HTML5 and JavaScript, leveraging modern web capabilities for a seamless and engaging user experience.
Integrate the game deeply with the Facebook Instant Games platform, implementing social functionalities to encourage user interaction and engagement.

Extensive experience in game development using HTML5 and JavaScript.
Knowledge of libraries and frameworks compatible with game development on Facebook Instant Games. You must specify which language or framework (other than Unity or Construct) you intend to use and why you feel it is the best choice for this project.
Link to engines compatible with Facebook Instant Games
While prior demonstrated experience with the Facebook Instant Games SDK is not required, it will be essential to become familiar with this tool and its capabilities. We invite you to review the Facebook Instant Games SDK to ensure you can meet the project's expectations.

Please provide your estimated budget for the entire project.

How to Apply:
Submit your proposal including the following:

Description of your relevant experience in game development, especially those developed with HTML5 and JavaScript.
Explain which specific language or framework (excluding Unity and Construct) you plan to use for game development and the reasons behind your choice.
We encourage you to review and understand the Facebook Instant Games Playbook. This document provides a comprehensive overview of best practices, monetization strategies, and development tips for success on the platform. If, after reviewing it, you believe you can meet the requirements and development standards for Facebook Instant Games, we look forward to your proposal.

We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with a passionate developer who can bring innovation and creativity to the world of gaming on Facebook Instant Games. We are looking for someone committed to creating an exceptional gaming experience that leverages the latest web technologies and social features of Facebook. If you are ready to take on this challenge, we look forward to your proposal and starting this exciting journey together.

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