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Multiple tracks on mobile devices


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I have read many articles describing multiple simultaneous sounds on mobile browsers as something impossible.

These articles, however, are often 1 or 2 years old, and I have seen games playing different sounds at the same time on iOS and Android.


My experience is that multiple sounds at the same time work on iOS Safari and Android Chrome, but fail on Android stock browser.

Can anyone with more experience shed some light on the current status of this feature?


Thanks :)

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You need to consider the difference between WebAudio and HTML5 audio. WebAudio supports multiple tracks quite happily, whereas HTML5 audio is much more limited (and often painful to use!). Some devices will allow playing more than one HTML5 audio sound at once and others don't. On the whole my experience of HTML5 audio is that it is hugely unreliable and inconsistent, laggy, and generally unpredictable. If you want to use multiple tracks you are definitely better off looking at using WebAudio. But bear in mind that not all mobile browsers support it, although most do these days. In particular the Android stock browser does not support WebAudio.

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