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generating documentation


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I am looking at the code of phaser. There is a lot of comment.

When you are developing PHASER, are you using a special program to automatically generate the documentation and the comment ??


Thanks a lot



/*** @author       Richard Davey <rich@photonstorm.com>* @copyright    2014 Photon Storm Ltd.* @license      {@link https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/blob/master/license.txt|MIT License}*//*** Create a new `Tile` object.** @class Phaser.Tile* @classdesc A Tile is a representation of a single tile within the Tilemap.* @constructor* @param {object} layer - The layer in the Tilemap data that this tile belongs to.* @param {number} index - The index of this tile type in the core map data.* @param {number} x - The x coordinate of this tile.* @param {number} y - The y coordinate of this tile.* @param {number} width - Width of the tile.* @param {number} height - Height of the tile.*/Phaser.Tile = function (layer, index, x, y, width, height) {    /**    * @property {object} layer - The layer in the Tilemap data that this tile belongs to.    */    this.layer = layer;    /**    * @property {number} index - The index of this tile within the map data corresponding to the tileset.    */    this.index = index;    /**    * @property {number} x - The x map coordinate of this tile.    */    this.x = x;
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