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Level Editior for Phaser

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I haven't been able to find any good options either.  As a result, I have started to build my own level editor with Node-webkit, using Fabric.js for easy entity manipulation.  I've made pretty good progress, but I haven't had much time to work on it lately.  I also have a Phaser plugin for loading the assets and rendering the level.  If anyone is interested in helping me on this project, let me know.

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@sleekdigital. I'm interested! I'm kinda-sorta working on a level editor too: https://github.com/drhayes/fizzle


The master branch is the more complicated plugin-enabled version that's meant to be run as a Node program from the command line. It reads the package.json file (if you have one) and searches for plugins in your node_modules. The client application is an Angular app.


I'm playing around with switching it to a Chrome extension and ditching the plugin model entirely; all the indirection makes progress kinda slow.

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Not really. Fizzle is turning into a much-less-complicated Chrome extension/app that will specifically be able to edit the Tiled JSON format that Phaser reads (it's a subset of the full JSON structure). That's here: https://github.com/drhayes/fizzle/tree/crx


Still working on the design, though. Tiled's got a pretty straightforward UI and I'm hesitant to move away from that. Large rectangular canvas. Tool panel on the right with layers, tool panel on the right below that as a palette (where you choose your tiles). I'm trying to decide if collapsible tool panels or separate windows are a better way to go here.


All that said, progress has been slow since it's competing with my own game and a couple of other personal projects e.g. my family, my work, the usual. ( ;

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