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Found 6 results

  1. Update: We are now on Steam Greenlight. Please upvote it and show some support. Good news everyone! The Game Pencil Engine is now Now Available! The Game Pencil Engine features Windows[available now] and Mac+Linux[Coming soon] Editors, 2D Canvas rendering and physics, Tiled and Animation support, strict-mode compliant Javascript scripting, and deploys natively to HTML5, console(s) and desktop. Game Pencil Engine Editor / \ You can now create 2D games with our dynamic editors wh
  2. Just quickly a short story before I begin with the description for this game: This game originally started as a graduation project, after graduating we started working on a new version. Worked on this new version for 6 months and never finished it. This is a great example of an overscoped project, however, we did manage to do quite a lot and that's why I'm sharing this game nonetheless since I think that some of you might find this interesting. UPDATE: Managed to scope it down a lot. At the time of writing this there'll be an update near the end of next week. This would bring Tuludo
  3. Miwwa

    Level Editor?

    Hello, can you recommend a good level editor? Like `Tiled`, but more powerfull, may be commercial
  4. Hi. I look non-tiled map edtior (where i can rotate and scale sprites). Requirements: Transform operations for each sprite(scale, rotate) Layers support Optional: can run on linux( or under wine)
  5. So PhaserLE, the best level editing software & SDK out there for Phaser.io developers, has been released. You can find out more about the software here: www.phaserle.com It allows a huge number of powerful features, that I am more than happy to discuss, so post any questions you may have in this thread. If you are interested in having a go with the demo game that ships with PhaserLE, then you can play it at this url: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13318759/tutorial-game/index.html Note this is a dropbox link with no preloader, so loading times may vary. Keen to hear your
  6. Advise level editor (not a tile) for positioning, rotation, scaling objects and save level to json/xml?
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