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Best Framework for turn-based isometric ORPG


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Hello and Welcome, I hope this is the right place to post.


As a sideproject I want to make an isometric chess like ORPG with HTML5/JS.

The game will have different characters that can move turn based on an isometric tilemap and can use different abilities

on allied or enemy units as well as some stats and items that the player can equip on the characters.


I am familiar with Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, Sockets.io and MongoDB and have built some larger scale projects for the Web with JS frameworks such as AngularJS but no games yet.


My main problem currently is finding a suitable game engine that supports the Isometric part well.

I have built some testcases with CraftyJS and like their engine but their support for isometric seems to be minimal.

Currently I am also looking into phaser.io, Gamemaker and Construct 2 but from what I see so far

these frameworks are also more geared towards a jump and run style of game.


My questions now are two:

1. Has anyone another suggestion for a Webframework I should have a look at?

2. Does anyone know any good Tutorials or Implementations  that specifically address turn based Isometric games?


Any help is much appreciated.

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Thank you for your reply. 

I am going to have a closer look into both of them on the weekend.



The Isogenic Engine makes a good impression, I have looked at their Code,

and I like the extensive Demos they provide, which for me always makes an easy transition into the codebase.


Do you use git for the the WADE engine?

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Yeah Isogenic is good in my opinion (it does some cool networking stuff), it's just a bit expensive, but that may not be an issue for everyone.


There is no public git repo for WADE, if that's what you mean. The problem with doing that is that, unless you have a fully open-source license, you end up having a limited (or prototype) version in the public repo, and a premium version elsewhere, with the public one inevitably getting fewer updates and falling behind, which ultimately confuses people (the main problem with Isogenic on GitHub imho). So we just host a single version ourselves, and when updates are released you get notified when you log into our website.


Having said that, we've been working on a new system that's a bit more git-like (but still hosted by us), but it isn't ready just yet.

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