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Deep forEach to iterate over all sprites


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What would be the best way to iterate over all sprites?


I'm placing sprites randomly on screen and I don't want the newly placed elements to collide with any other elements.

My sprites are nested in their own groups sets, so a shallow forEach on game.world will not help in this case...

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I'm doing a game that puts sprites at random positions and I that can't collide too.


I solved this problem doing the following:


1 - I have a matrix of sprites


2 - A matrix of positions


3 - I created a matrix of n lines x m columns and I have some functions that generate random positions (and assure that repeated positions don't be used). These positions are put in the matrix of positions.


4 - Then I randomly assign the positions in the matrix for sprites in the sprites array.

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I didn't understand your question quite well, so I'm answering what think you asked:

I know how many sprites I want to show in the screen then I create each sprite and add it to.the array.

To access an element I do something like tile.x, tile.width, and so on.

For the positions I do the following:

Given the screen dimensions, sprite dimensions and space between sprites (so they don't overlap), I determine how many sprites in a row and in a column I can have.

The matrix contains the number of rows x number of columns elements that are the same as the number of positions available for sprites.

Then I determine 2 functions (say getX and getY) that will return position in pixels given the position number.

These are used to set sprite's x and y position.

Notice that the screen dimensions used in the calculation above does not include space needed for HUD

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