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Tilesets, Tiled and Phaser Tilemaps


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I'm using Tiled to create my tilemaps for my Phaser games.  However, when I google "tileset" on Google Images, I can find a ton of tilesets that are not evenly spaced like this one  These don't work when making my maps in Tiled.


How are people using these in their games?  Cutting them out and turning them into sprites?  Using a different tool other than Tiled?



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Personally, I create a grid using a pixel art program like Paint and align them all myself. May sound like a lot of work but once it's finished you can just keep adding to the grid. Here is an example of a 256x256 grid of 32x32 tiles:




EDIT: Just thought I should also point out that the tile set you linked to is perfectly spaced out, it's just in 16x16 tiles. This is a common tile size for GBA and DS games.

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I've had this problem before and wrote some JavaScript to extract sprites from irregular spritesheets. It doesn't work on all possible types of sprites, but it will correctly separate sprites that have transparent borders, regardless of their shapes. I have a prompt.js version and if you want to use it:

  1. Get prompt.js here
  2. open it and load the script by typing:
  3. run the script like this:

This will extract the sprites into single images called 0.png, 1.png and  so on, which will be saved into your current directory.


I hope this helps - the script ss_extract.js should be easy to change if you want to save to different file names, etc.


EDIT: Here's a direct link to download prompt.js if you are too lazy to create an account :)

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Experience I guess, I have messed around with GBA graphics for many years now, produced quite a few Minish Cap tilesets. But yeah typically older 2D games have POT (power-of-two) textures of 16x16 or 32x32. There are some exceptions like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for the DS which uses 24x24 sprites, a multiple of 8.



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