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TilingSprite using textures from Spritesheet


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I was using TilingSprite for one of my backgrounds and it was working fine when the texture was coming from a single image. I then tried to make it so the texture was coming from a spritesheet, but now the whole stage is black when I try to add the TilingSprite to the display list.


The texture is base 2, but the image that the spritesheet is reading from isn't. Is this why it doesn't work, or does TilingSprite just not work with textures coming from a spritesheet?

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Yes tilling sprites only work with whole images i'm afraid. Its down to the the way it works at the moment..


Canvas - uses a pattern fill to achieve the effect

WebGL - uses a tilling texture which is why the limitation of POW2 images is there. It does mean that it is super fast in webGL because of it though :)


hope that helps!





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