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Doesn't work on iPad


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I've updated my game code from 1.1.3 to latest version of Phaser and it runs fine on desktop, but when I run it on the iPad it runs the preloader and then just stops.


Are there any major things with the new version which stop it working on the iPad? I'm just curious if there's any of the changes which cause iPad issues, so I can go in and try and fix it, but apart from that if it's working on the desktop I'm not sure what would cause it stop on the iPad after the preloader stage.

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I tracked it down to this in the preloader file


if (this.cache.isSoundDecoded('titleMusic') && this.ready == false){  this.ready = true;  this.game.state.start('MainMenu');}

Those conditions seem to be never met on the iPad, but are on desktop. So I moved the state.start into the create function and it works, but there's no sound on the iPad version.


And it still doesn't work on the iPhone, just same as before preloader bar goes up to the top, and then it stops.

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